Mexico: Creation of a National Unit for the Search of Missing Persons

The Attorney General of the Mexican Republic recently announced the creation of a National Unit for the Search of Missing Persons.

 This new national system includes the creation of common protocols, a national plan of search, and the creation of a common database that brings together all existing records of fingerprints, photographs, genetic information and detention data. The purpose of the National Unit is to coordinate and streamline the responsibilities in relation to the search of Missing persons.procuraduria mexico

 The mechanism will allow better nation-wide visibility of existing working methods in the country, and encourage experiences sharing in order to improve the existing practices that, today, are very dissimilar in different regions of Mexico.

 All the features of this system are based on protocols established by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and will be scrutinized or accompanied by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR), and local(?) NGOs.

 The unit is already operational and the Attorney is working on more than 250 cases.

 Additionally, the aim of the unit is to go beyond the issues related to court records, and meet the needs of families in other areas.

 The attorney acknowledges that due to ambiguous mourning, relatives of missing persons spend a lot of the time looking for their loved ones. Many of their needs in terms of housing, banks, and other social and administrative issues remain unsolved. The new National Unit intends to address also these problems.

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