Lebanon: Decree for missing persons nearly finalised

Lebanon’s justice Minister Shakib Qortbawi said on Wednesday that his ministry was finalizing the draft decree to establish the Independent National Commission tasked with investigating the fate of Lebanese missing persons.

“Hopefully, the draft will be ready within the next few days [and I will] sign it and refer it to the Cabinet,” Qortbawi told The Daily Star.

Qortbawi said that the INC is taking into consideration the observations of the Shura Council, but stressed that it will be an independent and nongovernmental body. He added that its members would include judges as well as representatives of the Red Cross and the families of the missing.

“They will be tasked with gathering information about the missing Lebanese,” said Qortbawi.

The issue of persons missing during Lebanon’s civil war remains hugely sensitive with current political power-brokers intimately linked with perpetrators.